A Weekend at Atlantic Beach

I’m a true oceanholic. Sure, going on city sightseeing trips is awesome too and you can have a fantastic time, but nothing calms my mind as much as sitting on the beach. Just listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, looking out to the horizon and digging your toes into the sand… Heaven.


So I was in a state of complete blissfulness when we went on a road trip to the coast during our stay in North Carolina. Even just the drive there was scenic, but getting out of the car and tasting the salty air while walking towards this panorama was awesome.


And just look at all the shells.


We spent a couple of hours swimming (the water was incredibly warm) and sunbathing. Then we went to our hotel to shower and came back down to the beach to watch the sunset and play a Swedish outdoor game called “Kubb“. It’s similar to Boccia, but instead of balls one uses wooden batons and it’s played in two teams.

It’s a really funny game, but my eye–hand coordination is not the best, so I’m always glad when I manage to get through it without hitting someones head. 😉

We passed by this adorable house on our way back to the beach. Absolutely love the colors and the fish scale front, they are so friendly and beach-y. 🙂


The sunset was a feast for the eyes in lots of different nuances of gold. One of those moments which make you wish you could just stop time.






One thought on “A Weekend at Atlantic Beach

  1. Inger September 7, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    Beautiful pictures! We sure had a great weekend in Atlantic Beach! And I agree, the water really was humid, I could stay there for ever!


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