Flavors of Prague

Prague is such a beautiful city. When you walk the romantic streets, you don’t even know where to look first. It’s like every building is just waiting to have its picture taken.



Look at that charming alcove on the building in the middle. Am I the only one who would love to sit behind one of those windows in a cosy chair and read for hours?


Prague is one of the most vegetarian/vegan friendly cities in the entire world, even though the most typical Czech specialties contain meat.

One of my favourite dishes of the entire trip was this super tasty Pad Thai (which was literally wrapped in a fried egg) from a place called “Phở u Letné”.


I love Indian food and at “K” The Two Brothers I got to try some of the best Samosas ever. They were served with two different sauces and spicy chickpeas.


The weather was perfect for sightseeing when we were there and we even got some sunshine. And in my book warm temperatures and holidays equal ice cream, so I was delighted when I actually found dairy free chocolate sorbet! It was definitely more on the pricey and touristy side (here you can check out their selection), but it tasted amazing.


The days went by extremely fast because there were so many sights to look at and places to explore. I’m sure I haven’t been in Prague for the last time. 🙂




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